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We are Mute Lab company, the developers of the reservation system whose website you are visiting now. You can read more about us on the company's website but if you wish to stay on the current cosy page, please read a few paragraphs below about who we are and what we do.

Our company was founded in 2008 and since then we are engaged in creating and maintenance of IT solutions for selling tickets and services. No doubt that we decided to create online engines not by accident. Firstly, thanks to fortune, Mute Lab united specialists in tourism, the airline industry, web development and design. And secondly, in the distant 2008, we seemed (and we imagined correctly) that with time sales would go online very quickly and therefore our solutions and services would be relevant to the market and the industry.

We started as a local company operating in Russia only. Now we aim to become an international company, or properly speaking, we already got that status when opened our offices in Russia, Ukraine, Spain and Hong Kong. The main centre of development is based where it always was, in Russia, but some specified projects are moved abroad, closer to our customers. For example, design and frontend development is conducted in Ukraine.

Being absolutely sure that we have developed the coolest engine in its segment, we offer our customers not only the box solution of Nemo but we do great customized projects based on the core To customers hoping to make from a basic "car model" a super "wow-effects", we offer our services in the following areas :